Use cases

Life in the 3rd dimension

Several Use Cases


This is the ultimate off road vehicle! Explore the world from above and land wherever you want - no runway required.
You only need a 30 foot diameter landing area.


The Mirocopter SCH-2A can be used to survey livestock, crops, pipelines, irrigation, canals, fences, and hard-to-reach terrain. Farmers and ranchers can quickly survey their land.

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Mustering or Roundups

Gather livestock like cattle, sheep, horses, goats, camels, buffalo, etc. with this low-cost alternative to the Robinson R22, Hughes 269, or Bell 47.

Police and Fire

Because the Mirocopter SCH-2A is inexpensive, easy to fly, and a low-cost per hour helicopter it is a perfect solution for police, sheriff, and fire departments for search and rescue operations.

If you have another application let us know!